Helping businesses navigate to improved results.



  1. Steer a course
  2. Make one’s way over, around or through (obstacles etc)

Owning and running a small or medium-sized business is much more demanding than it was only 5 to 10 years ago.

Small gains are hard won. Risk and compliance requirements, as well as their associated costs, keep mounting. Other everyday issues are likely to include some of the following challenges:

  • Skill constraints

  • Owner and/or staff inexperience in many business disciplines

  • Uncertainty over which improvement, investment or strategic initiative(s) to implement

  • Uncertainty over how to adopt impending change e.g. in employment practices, updated technology, health & safety etc

Too often when confronted with a thorny business issue, owners are slow to react while looking for the perfect solution.

As business complexity increases, it’s not unusual for me to come across owners whose confidence has dimmed. Age-old truisms have taken hold - they’ve slipped “in” to the business rather than remaining “on” it - and they struggle to differentiate the wood from the trees.


Not Your Ordinary Management Consultant...

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Chris Bain Consulting is the polar opposite of a ’Big Six’ firm in scale, however, in capability terms, I'm similar. As a full-service, independent business advisory team of one, I have a sound understanding of many business issues, both domestic & global.

My advantage? Skills which suit the clients I enjoy working with - SME’s (with an emphasis on medium-sized businesses).

A self-test of effectiveness is the value I help add to a client’s business. ‘Help’ is emphasized because client team input is always essential.

My help enables clients to navigate over, around or through their challenges and obstacles. I advise on effective actions, then help steer a course to deliver an improved business outcome.

I’m an independent and objective voice, who speaks your language.

I prefer using a reasonably informal & practical approach, so long as it’s appropriate for the assignment at hand.

Why SME’s? They represent around 95% of all companies. Most have an honesty of purpose, they’re relatively uncomplicated (compared to larger companies) & strive to do well. SME's are a hotbed of innovation with loads of clever, entrepreneurial owners.


My experience base allows me to cater to a wide range of everyday business issues. Client’s needs beyond my skillset? I can call on a network of well-regarded, specialist service providers, to assist.

The clients I work best with? Motivated, open-minded owners, who genuinely want to enhance their business. A desire for improvement is matched by them acting on my advice in a timely manner.

Achieving growth may be important for some business owners but it doesn't motivate everyone.

Examples of how Chris Bain Consulting can help include:

  • Capturing the full (shareholding) value of a business, both tangible & intangible (perhaps with a future sale of the business in mind)

  • Implementing new methods to deliver greater efficiency (including for different operating models e.g. not for profit)

  • Lifting operating standards, using my “governance board of one” methodology

  • Independently assessing development options, then preparing a case for investment, acquisition etc

  • Writing a strategic plan (or reviewing an existing plan) - ditto business planning

  • Creating a more stable, capable business (allowing an owner to step back, be less hands-on)

  • Responding to competitive activity

  • Increasing revenues/margins/profits

  • Improving the customer buying experience

  • Augmenting inexperience, resource &/or skill shortfalls

  • Covering a period of extended holiday leave, or, unplanned absence i.e. due to illness or while recruiting replacement senior staff (aka executive leasing)


Like to know more?

If you identify with my approach & have a project you need help with, please get in touch to discuss. I'm partial to a flat white!



… leader to COO and GM level (plus significant governance exposure)

Strategic & outcome-focused

…simplifying the complex, providing practical advice and on-going support

Best practice approach

…favouring the use of Lean methods to support continuous improvement & innovation

Complementary skillset

…to the skills of owners & businesses – in multiple corporate, operational & commercial disciplines, industries & sectors


…providing peer support for owners & senior management


…in-house advisory & governance “Board of One”

Short-term Placement

…assuming responsibility for a specific project/business case, when an owner or senior staff take extended leave (on holiday, when ill), or while recruiting (to cover senior staff resignation)



  • SME’s to larger organisations

  • Subsidiaries of publicly listed companies

  • Central Government


  • Manufacturing

  • Export-oriented logistics/supply chains

  • Professional services

  • Technology

  • Engineering

  • Tourism

  • Property

  • Infrastructure

  • Regional economic development



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